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~A community dedicated to Steven Smith from Fuse~'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
~A community dedicated to Steven Smith from Fuse~

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[01 Oct 2008|03:00pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Favorite Band:My Chemical Romance
Favorite FUSE Show:Stevens Untitled Rock Show(duh)
Why you like Steven:I love his unique personality
Other: and another reason i like him so much is because he introduced me to MCR

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Hi! New Member Here! [01 Sep 2008|03:46pm]

[ mood | content ]

Name: Kathryn
Age: 18
Favorite Band: Well, there are several: Weezer, Arctic Monkeys, Rilo Kiley, Coconut Records, Sugarcult, Interpol, and others.
Favorite FUSE Show: SURS
Why you like Steven: because he's awesome in every possible way!
Other: um... Steven for life! XD

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Intoductions are fun! [04 Aug 2006|10:13pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

Name: Kristie
Age: 15
Favorite Band: Avenged Sevenfold, Eighteen Visions, Billy Talent, Motion City Soundtrack
Favorite FUSE Show: SURS, duh.
Why you like Steven: 'Cause he's a PIMP, yo.
Other: The drummer from Avenged Sevenfold, he so stole my birthday. :)

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[10 Jul 2006|10:37pm]


:( Oh shit! I kind of made this community and forgot about it. We have TEN MEMBERS. Woo! Well, I made an icon that I thought you all might appreciate.

selected userpic

You all can use it if you want, just give me credit for it. :)

Anyhow, thank you to everyone who's joined this community. If you could, try and get some of your friends to join. Poor Steven doesn't get enough recognition. 


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[26 Jun 2006|04:09pm]

Name: Danielle
Age: 16
Favorite Band: The Killers but I'm really into The Loved Ones right now.
Favorite FUSE Show: SURS
Why you like Steven: Becuase he's got an amazing taste in music...and he was on queer eye.
Other: I haven't seen much on FUSE lately. SURS is one of the only good shows left.
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[24 Jun 2006|10:24am]

Name: Carrie LeAnn
Age: 16
Favorite Band: FOB
Favorite FUSE Show: SURS and Tattoo Stories
Why you like Steven: I love his opinions and comments on everything. He makes me giggle. :]
Other: OK I hate starting communities with questions but I stopped watching FUSE for like a month and I feel like I've missed so much. What on earth happened? They have all these crappy new shows that have NOTHING to do with music [ie: Empire Square]. And is it just me or did they get a crap load of new people? I don't ever see Julia, Mar, Steven and Dylan anymore unless it's a re-run. Am I wrong or did I miss something??
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Yay new member! [20 May 2006|12:09am]

[ mood | calm ]

Name: Ariel
Age: 19
Favorite Band: The Cure
Favorite FUSE Show: SURS
Why you like Steven: I’ll admit I only recently acquired FUSE on my cable network. The day I noticed we had it, I peed my pants and watched it all day. I knew FUSE rocked already from visiting the website and watching various clips of my favorite bands from the internet. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy informed me of Steven, and I immediately fell in love. I became sad when I saw his lovely girlfriend, but I still love him and hope to stalk him in New York someday. His fashion sense was fine before the show, he has amazing taste in music and he’s goofy enough to be compatible with me.
Other: Yeah I’m a college student. I’m studying journalism and electronic media, so if FUSE is looking for another VJ soon, I will have my opportunity to stalk Steven.

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SURS video question [20 Apr 2006|05:44pm]

Near the end of yestrday's SURS, a music video was playing behind Steven. I don't remember any of the lyrics. The video had something to do with a dance off; it looked liked it took place during the 1980s. The singer had long light brown/blonde hair. What was the video? Thanks.

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oh heck why not... [06 Apr 2006|10:50pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Name: ashley
Age: 19
Favorite Band: i don't really have a fave but i'll give you top 3...the academy is..., waking ashland, & fall out boy
Favorite FUSE Show: def. surs
Why you like Steven: he's just so fun, adorable, and has an awesome personality
Other: ummm...yeah i don't know what to put down here so...i'll give you a random fact i guess: i'm totally obsessed with Disney movies especially Beauty & the Beast

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Application(just for kicks) [06 Apr 2006|09:03pm]

I made out a little application thingy majigger that you can find on the info page of this community. I thought that I'd fill it out just for the heck of it. You all should post your's too.

Name: Madeline(Maddie for short)
Age: 13 but I'll be 14 on April 19
Favorite Band: That's hard...my favorite of all time is Green Day. I also like Franz Ferdinand, Blondie, The Killers, The Strokes, My Chem, The New Pornographers, All American Rejects, The Pusscat Dolls(guilty pleasure), No Doubt(I'm a hardcore Gwen Stefani fan), Taking Back Sunday, James Blunt, Morningwood, Weezer, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Blink 182, ect. I could go on forever.
Favorite FUSE Show: Steven's Untitled Rock Show
Why you like Steven: I like Steven because he's halarious and really, really cute. He hosts on of the most kick ass shows ever as well.
Other: Uhhh, I dunno. But you all should fill this out too.
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[05 Apr 2006|09:56pm]


Yay! We have 3 members. That's grrrreat. I've got some pics for yall.


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[06 Mar 2006|07:38pm]

Howdy! Welcome to the community. I'm gonna make the first post and post some pics.

Holy ShiznitCollapse )

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